We at Right Insure are a family orientated insurance broker based in the heart of Manchester, that specialists in helping people and their families secure a fantastic future. We offer many forms of insurances such as life, home, general, commercial, pet and travel insurances. Plus we also offer funeral plans to help people pay for their funerals without having to put the burden on their families.

One of our main areas of expertise is Life Insurance. Our aim is to help people take out a life insurance policy the right way, as we understand from past experiences that so many customers can be misled or even be miss-sold a life insurance policy. Our goal as a highly ethical insurance broker that are authorised and regulated by the financial conduct authority is to make sure the policy that we offer will actually benefit you and your family’s financial needs. Whether it is a funeral, a mortgage or your family’s future, we’ll make sure that we will offer a policy that will actually fulfil you and your family’s financial needs.

As well as Life Insurance policies, we offer additional packages such as Critical Illness and Income protection, which are designed to protect your income, in case you suffer a critical illness such as cancer or a heart attack. Critical Illness and Income Protection policies will protect you and your family from loss of income, if you are unable to work due to a sudden unexpected illness.

Furthermore we offer a free trust service to all our customers; we understand it is vital that a customer has a trust set up for their trustees. It is important to put a life insurance policy in a trust, as it can help prevent your family from worrying about paying inheritance tax (which can be as high as 40%) or having to deal with probate.

Another benefit of our trust service is that it guarantees your policy will pay out to the beneficiary of your choosing, so you will have complete control of who inherits your policy cover. Also it prevents issues such as trustees having to wait months and months to make a claim. Placing a life insurance policy into trust, makes the whole claiming process a whole lot less stressful and quicker for your loved ones.

A lot of other brokers and insurers will charge you for putting your policy into a trust; we offer this highly valuable service to you free of charge.

We understand that not everyone can get a standard life insurance policy, that’s why here at Right Insure we offer an Over 50’s Plan for those who are unable to qualify for a standard term policy due to age or health reasons. An over 50s plan is a guaranteed acceptance policy regardless of medical conditions, and will insure you for the whole of your life.

For those who may be too old or unhealthy to qualify for a standard term life insurance policy, and are worrying about how you are going to finance your funeral. Why not consider taking out an Over 50s Plan?

For those who are too young to qualify for an Over 50s plan and who can’t attain a standard life insurance policy due to medical or occupational reasons. We offer an alternative multi benefit policy called MetLife; this policy offers many benefits such as Accidental Death cover, which your family could claim up to £200,000 upon your death. Other benefits include broken bone and hospital stay cover where you can claim thousands potentially per bone, what’s makes this policy even more brilliant is that there is no limit on the amount of claims you can make.

Funeral Benefit is also another fantastic feature MetLife offers their customers, where depending on the amount of years you have had the policy, MetLife will offer you thousands towards paying for your funeral.

If you are a young, very active person or one that works in a highly dangerous occupation then a MetLife policy might be a fantastic option to consider.

So regardless of your situation, age or state of health, Right Insure has something special for everyone, so everyone can benefit from our services.

If you are interested in getting a quote and would like more information about our services please Contact Us or ring us at: 0800 993 0132 and you will be transferred to one of our highly experienced advisors, who will help you along your journey into taking out the most suitable policy for you and your family.