The summer holiday booking season is now in full swing and most of these holidays will be enjoyed without incident, however, thousands of Brits face will be taken ill whilst abroad this year.

Getting sick abroad doesn’t just mean a touch of the old Delhi Belly. Falling ill could mean hospital and fees. Most holidaymakers hope travel insurance will cover them.
Insurers paid out £280 million abroad on medical treatment for British travellers abroad last year:

But be aware a simple trap to fall into is, if you haven’t taken the correct medicines or advised inoculations, your insurer might not pay up if the disease you fall ill too could have been protected from. Basically If you had been sensible and followed the advice given on the correct inoculations and medicines, you should not have fallen ill in the first place!

Always, phone your insurer before you receive treatment if possible. Most insurers will use 24-hour medical assistance companies who will take care of your call. Keep all receipts as you will need them to support your claim. If you are ill before you go on holiday, you might also need to let your travel insurer know. If you are ill – but not so bad that a doctor says you are unfit to travel – you can’t claim under the cancellation clause. However, if your illness worsens while you are away, you should be covered for medical expenses incurred.

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