With diseases such as Cancer becoming even more prevalent as one in two people will get diagnosed with Cancer at some in their life. It’s even more important to protect your income and your assets from being affected, encase you’ll get diagnosed one day by cancer. Furthermore over 150,000 people die every year from a Heart Attack, that’s almost 30% of all adults within in the UK, either dying or being affected by some form of heart disease.

We also understand that more people are becoming self-employed with at almost 15 million people being registered as being self-employed within in the UK, and when you’re self-employed you have no form of sick pay.
With one in three families at risk of being one pay check away from homeless, which is around 8 million people every year who are at risk of being homeless, if they miss a pay check.

That’s why it’s essential to protect your income, in case you are unable to work due to unexpected illness, before it’s too late, whether that’ll be Income Protection or Critical Illness.

Better Now Then Never

Getting a Standard Life Insurance policy can be a difficult process if you are too old or suffer from certain medical conditions. But trying to qualify for Income Protection or Critical Illness is an even more rigorous application process with most insurers. As you have to have to be in tip top health to qualify for these type of policies. This is why you should apply for these policies whilst you’re young and are in the best form of health.

Way to Protect Your Income

There are two types of ways to protect your income, here at Right Insure; we can offer you Critical Illness and Income Protection cover. Critical Illness like a Life Insurance Policy will pay out a large sum, but unlike Life Insurance, a Critical Illness is designed to protect you whilst you’re still alive. If you get diagnosed with a specific Critical Illness such as Breast, Ovarian or Prostate Cancer, or you suffer a Heart Attack or a Stroke, the insurer will pay out. Therefore you don’t have to worry about resorting to using your savings to pay the bills and support the family, whilst you’re off work in recovery.

Another way to protect your income and in which here at Right Insure we offer is Income Protection. Income Protection similar to Critical Illness is designed to protect your income in case of an emergency such as an accident at work or a sudden diagnosis of an illness. But Income Protection will pay out on a monthly basis, instead of a one off large sum amount for a certain number of years, so you’re well protected whilst you’re off work.
In addition we offer MetLife which is a multi-protection policy which is designed to help you be protected in case you suffer an accident at work. We understand that many high risk professions such as commercial divers, oil rig workers, semi-professional athletes, may struggle to get Critical Illness or Income Protection cover due to the risk of their profession. That’s why at Right Insure, we can help protect your income with our MetLife policies which can cost you as little as £8 per month and you can claims thousands of pounds per broken bone at an unlimited rate.

Child Cover is Included

The biggest benefit of taking a Critical Illness Policy is that you can get Child Cover as well, so in case a child unfortunately dies or gets diagnosed with an illness they’re protected too. Which helps you with taking time off work to take care of your children as the child cover will help supplement your lost income.

For more information about how here at Right Insure about how we can protect you and your family’s income from being affected by an emergency, please call us at: 0800 993 0132 and find out about how we can secure you and your family’s future.