Buying a home will likely be the largest purchase you make in your lifetime. It is understandable that for most people it cannot be afforded to purchase a property outright. A mortgage is a loan to allow you to purchase the property. It is secured against the value of the property and will run for a length of time which is longer than your normal loan. 25 years is the most common but the term of your mortgage is really down to you, your finances and the lender you choose to work with.
There are different types of mortgages available including Variable, Fixed, Tracker, interest only and more. Understanding which option is best for you may not be easy and we are here to provide you with guidance to help find the Right fit.

Mortgage Types

• Variable • Fixed • Tracker • Discount • Interest Only • Capped • Capital and Repayment

When choosing a lender and product we take into consideration your current situation, affordability, plans for the future,  eligibility, fees, interest rates, What lenders require and much more.We take the hard work away to give you a clear picture of the options on the table.Re-Mortgaging is very important and can mean you move onto a much better deal when your fixed term ends. It is important to make sure the interest rate and the product in general is Right for you as it can save £100’s per month.


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