Gadget Insurance

So why not insure your gadgets as you would your car?

Some gadgets can be more expensive than the car you drive…..

In modern times gadgets have become a part of our everyday life, in fact it’s not unusual these days to be walking around with up to £1000 worth of accessories on our person at any given time.

While it’s commonplace to insure everything from our cars to our furniture, we often fail to do the same with our valuable gadgets. Considering it’s these items that are most prone to theft, damage, or loss it makes sense to get them covered.

Speak to the experts at Right Insure today and find the best Gadget Insurance deals on the market.

Why Choose Gadget Insurance?

Peace of Mind – Gadgets can be some of the most valuable and treasured items you own. Be sure to protect them as you would your car or home.

Low Cost – Premiums start from as little as £5 per month.

Flexible Cover – Your cover can be tailored based on what items you want to protect, excess amount and length of cover.

Get Covered in Minutes – Simple and transparent process.


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